Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Gerard Saliot made Fiji perfect holiday destination

Do you want to go to a perfect destination this holiday? Fiji islands are situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Islands are one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in Asia. Country is known for its beautiful sights, water activities, natural and man-made sceneries. It has exotic relaxation sites for the tourists to rejuvenate their body after adventurous activities. People usually go there to enjoy with their friends and family amid the exotic sights in the country. There are lots more than the tourists expect from a holiday destination. Gerard Saliot is the person behind in making these country tourists paradise. He works tirelessly to promote the tourism industry of the country. Due to his effort, country is witnessing large inflow of tourists from every part of the world.

It is a perfect place for every type of people. Country is surrounded by the water bodies thus, forming lots of beautiful water sights and activities. People visiting there can do adventures activities like yatch and jet boat riding in the sea. Ferries are used to carry the tourists from one island to another, also called island hopping to see the beautiful vegetation. Soft coral reefs are found surrounding the islands and known for their beauties. Divers swim down the sea to see the beautiful flora and fauna of the sea bed. Couples get special moment together in luxurious boat operated for newlywed couple in the blue lagoons.

Tourists get lots of gorgeous sandy beaches in the islands. It is a perfect place for the people to enjoy and relax in the breeze. There are resorts in every part of the islands providing excellent service to relax after adventurous day. Traditional spas using herbs and olive for the massage help tourist to relief their body stress. One can enjoy in the garden, parks, sanctuaries, hills, and tropical vegetation surrounding the islands. Cheap hotel and restaurants are abundant and ideal for the non-vegetarian. Go to this country to visit and explore the places with your own eyes.